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Hello and welcome to our blog! we are delighted that you would like to know more about two cultures one dream and the two minds behind it.

“No matter for how long you travel, the best reward is the memories you take with you. The more you travel, the more you discover something new about the world and yourself.” – Carmen & Thomas

For the last 6 years, we have been living and working in full-time jobs in Australia. Since 2013, Thomas and I have been talking many times about going travelling but we always came up with a reason for not doing it.

Two years later, one night…one random night Thomas booked two tickets with destination “around the world”.

The aim of two cultures one dream is to inspire you to explore other places. To share with everybody who loves and enjoys traveling our stories and adventures, meanwhile we travel the world. We will share a little bit of the history of the places we visit, provide our best tips and tricks that we have learned from many years of travel and the ones we will learn along the way. We truly hope you find some useful information on our site.

Why “two cultures one dream”?

We came from two different cultures, our mother language is different, we have differences in food and music, sometimes our usual opposite opinions makes us laugh and some other times makes us clash. However, we share a common dream: we adore travelling. Every time we go travelling we go at our own pace, we laugh together and enjoy the simple things in life.


We enjoy learning about new cultures, history, traditions and religions. We like meeting new people and to hear about their own adventures (so if you see us, do not be afraid to say hello)…and we love to take lots…. and lots of pictures that serves as good memories and souvenirs from our travels.

 Get to know Carmen

I was born in Lima, Peru, my mother was a nurse and my father was a doctor.

I have been always attracted to places with history e.g. old ruins and buildings that can tell thousands of stories only by the way they look.

I read in my Universal history book from school about the big Aztec pyramids in Mexico and I wanted to see it for myself one day.

That day came on my 15th birthday, when my parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday? (Usually in Latin America a 15-year-old birthday is a big party celebration).

“I want to go to Mexico, dad” – I replied with a sassy smile on my face.

Although, my father looked at me very confused at first (I think he was expecting me to say a big party with friends or get some new clothes, something very common at that age). My parents thought that this would be a very good learning experience for me and they agreed to send me on my first trip overseas.

This trip changed my life, my mum came with me and we both traveled around Mexico. I learned so much about their history, culture, cuisine and its people that my travel bug started at this specific point in time.

Since then, I have traveled to many different places; whether I have been on holidays from college or work I traveled to a different place every opportunity I had.

I love the Peruvian food as well as Italian (maybe due to my paternal grandmother’s Italian heritage). I love the sunsets in Thailand; I enjoy having a drink in one of the rooftop bars in Melbourne; I adore to feel that I go back in time, every time I visit a city in Europe and walk through buildings which are thousands of years old.

Many years later, I met a man who took my breath away, this man came from Ireland and we both moved 6 years ago to Australia. We got married in 2013, we became Australian citizens in 2015 and now we have planned to travel together and discover the globe.

 Get to know Thomas

About TomI was born in Ireland (I’m from Golden, a little village between Cashel & Tipperary Town). When I was a kid I used to watch a travel show called  pilot guides also know as “globe trekker”. Watching this show, I knew that there were lots of things to see around the world and experiences to be had. I used to imagine that one day I would be the person visiting the unforgettable destinations in the show.

My first trips overseas were on school tours to Holland, Belgium and Barcelona. I also traveled around Europe in 2004 with 6 of my friends in a camper van. The main things I remember from that trip are that European beers are amazing compared to the “Beer” I was drinking in Uni. The different cultures, architectures and people made a big impression on me. We sampled the local cuisine and explored Europe as much as we could afford. We enjoyed the sunny days on the beach, the sound of the waves were incredible….so incredible that I fell sleep and got a very painful sunburn on my sensitive Irish skin. All those experiences, made me want to travel again but this time with sunscreen!.

My first big travel decision came in 2009 when I was working in IT in a full-time 9-5 job, the job was good but I had a recurring idea in my head to go travelling. However, the travel decision did not come until the recession in Ireland. This recession pulled the trigger for me to make a change in my life and I detached from my mind all the blockers preventing me from travel. I decided that I was going to Australia but I wanted to see South America first. This trip changed my life completely as I met my future wife, saw some stunning places and survived some intense experiences (such as the death road in Bolivia).

I love travelling as I consider myself a person who has a yearning to see different parts of the world and experience a bit of travel adventure. I like visiting new places and seeing unique landscapes and also doing trekking or other activities if my knees are able for it. I like to wander around new cities and soak in the new architecture, people, food, street art and daily life in this new environment.

I enjoy talking to other travelers and listening to their stories and backgrounds while sharing a beer or two. I really like trying different types of food and beer & wine tasting (who doesn’t). I booked a one-way ticket and hope we can share our stories along the way.

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