An unforgettable adventure in the Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru

Colca canyon trek Arequipa Peru

The deepest canyons on our planet are very beautiful and breathtaking ecosystems. These house many plants, several birds and predatory animals. The Colca Canyon is a good example, it is the second deepest canyon in the world (~3,400 meters deep) and it is the habitat of the iconic Andean bird and the largest flying bird ….Continue reading

Visit the beautiful city of Cajamarca and its hidden treasures


Cajamarca is one of those hidden treasures of Peru that not many foreigners know about. Located well to the north of Lima, this magical city has many attractions to offer to its visitors: an unforgettable landscape, archeological sites made by a pre-inca civilisation surrounded by natural beauty and great colonial architecture. If you head up to ….Continue reading

Trujillo: The Mochica and Chimu route

Trujillo is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Peru. The city center is an enjoyable journey through Spanish colonialism: colourful buildings, old casonas and republican era mansions. An exquisite and elegant architecture is reflected on its balconies and windows.. But Trujillo is not only rich in colonialism buildings, it also has many ruins ….Continue reading

Ausangate: one of the best treks in the world

Ausangate Mountain is the highest mountain in the Cusco region, 6,384 meters above sea level. It is considered a sacred mountain (also known as “Apu” in the Quechua language) to the indigenous people in Peru. The Ausangate trek is considered one of the best treks in the world because of its incredible landscapes and glaciers ….Continue reading